Hall of Fame Inductees

The Canadian Squash Hall of Fame was established in 2017 and is owned and operated by Squash Canada and is housed at a venue determined by the Squash Canada Board of Directors.  The Squash Canada awards program date back to 1983 with the introduction of the Distinguished Service Awards to recognize Canada’s greatest Builders, Coaches, Officials and Players. In 2010, these awards were redefined as the Wall of Fame to visually showcase the honoured recipients in a more prestigious fashion through a virtual Hall of Fame on the Squash Canada website.
Celebrating success is a hallmark of any successful organization.  A Hall of Fame not only celebrates success, but also acts as a living chronicle of the sport’s history.  As people change within organizations, its successes are not lost.  A Hall of Fame is a legacy for future generations of squash players to learn from the past and in shaping the sport of tomorrow.  Hence, the Canadian Squash Hall of Fame was founded to permanently preserve the recognition of the outstanding achievements of its athletes and the tremendous contributions of its coaches, officials and builders in a first-class visual environment. 
There are five categories of induction into the Canadian Squash Hall of Fame – Athlete, Coach, Official and Builder with the pinnacle award being the Platinum Presidents Award.  Each category recognizes major achievements, a lifetime contribution to the sport, a positive impact on the game of squash in Canada, a positive public image within the sport, and/or an enhancement of the sport within the Canada. 
Canadian Squash Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Policy, click here.
Canadian Squash Hall of Fame Nomination Form, click here.

The nominee must have made a contribution in the area of organization or administration that has advanced the sport at the national level. Builder


  • 1983 Harald A.R. Martin, Montreal, QC
  • 1984 Jim Bentley, Toronto, ON
  • 1985 George Morfitt, Vancouver, BC
  • 1986 Susan Swift, Toronto, ON
  • 1987 John Smith-Chapman, Montreal, QC
  • 1988 Ian Stewart, Toronto, ON
  • 1989 David Wilson, Ottawa, ON
  • 1990 Alan Baird, Ottawa, ON & Peter Frost, Toronto, ON
  • 1994 Jim Kenward, Ottawa, ON
  • 1997 Jennifer Birch-Jones, Ottawa, ON
  • 2005 Glencoe Club, Calgary, AB
  • 2010 Anne Smith, Kingston, ON
  • 2014 Mark Sachvie, St. Catharines, ON



The nominee must have assisted in the development of coaching at the regional, provincial or national level, or in the development of outstanding athletes through his/her coaching efforts. Coach


  • 1984 Charlie Ives, Winnipeg, MB
  • 1986 Jack Fairs, London, ON
  • 1987 Jim Mason, Thornbury, ON
  • 1988 Tony Swift, Toronto, ON
  • 1993 Ian Paton, Calgary, AB
  • 2005 Kathy Lundmark, Calgary, AB
  • 2005 Gail Pimm, Toronto, ON
  • 2010 Stuart Dixon, Victoria, BC
  • 2014 Yvon Provençal, Montreal, QC
  • 2015 Gene Turk, Winnipeg, MB



The nominee must have contributed to the advancement of officiating in squash at the national level. Official


  • 1984 Ed Clinton, Toronto, ON
  • 1987 Graham Waters, Halifax, NS
  • 1995 Rod Symington, Victoria, BC
  • 2005 Adeline Clements, Calgary, AB
  • 2010 Barry Faguy, Montreal, QC
  • 2014 Penny Glover, Ottawa, ON



The nominee must have contributed to the promotion and recognition of squash through his/her achievements as a player at the national level. Player


  • 1984 Sharif Khan, Toronto, ON
  • 1985 Heather McKay, Toronto, ON
  • 1987 Dale Styner, Calgary, AB
  • 1988 Colin Adair, Montreal, QC
  • 1989 Joyce Maycock, Vancouver, BC
  • 2005 Heather Wallace, Ottawa, ON
  • 2010 Gary Waite, Toronto, ON
  • 2014 Graham Ryding, Toronto, ON


Platinum President’s Award

Honours elite individuals who have made a significant impact to squash globally. Nominations and selection are at the discretion of the Board. Platinum President’s Award


  • 2010 Jonathon Power