2019 Canadian Doubles Champions Crowned


OTTAWA, ON, April 8, 2019 – After 4 days of intense doubles squash competition, the 2019 Canadian Doubles Squash Championships have come to a close with 17 new National Champions.  The Granite Club in Toronto, Ontario played host to one of the largest (141 teams) and most successful Canadian Doubles Championships in history.  With 200+ matches the event could not have been so successful without the use of additional doubles courts at the Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling, Badminton & Racquet Club, Mayfair Parkway, Mayfair Lakeshore, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, The Cambridge Club, and Toronto Racquet Club.

In the Men’s Open, the biggest highlight of the weekend was the not the actual match itself but rather the outcome that resulted history being made as Robin Clarke and Scott Arnold captured their fifth Canadian Doubles Championship in six years.  With this title they have firmly etched their place in history as a dynasty in Men’s Open Doubles.  Even though the final score was 3-0 (15-11, 15, 12, 15-13) they were given a strong challenge by runners-up Colin West and Adam Bews.  To close out the medalists the Gupta brothers (Amar and Arjun) finished a strong 3rd place.

In the Women’s Open, the final was won by now six-time Canadian Doubles Champion Stephanie Hewitt and her partner Dana Betts.  “It was a really close match with us winning three of the four tight games (15-14, 11-15, 15-13 and 15-14)” said Stephanie Hewitt.  “Dana and I have played many tournaments together but never the Canadian Nationals. The match against Seanna and Sam was an extremely good women’s open final, showcasing the increasing strength of women’s’ squash doubles.”  Even though the outcome didn’t go their way runners-up Seanna Keating and Sam Cornett came away knowing they gave it their all.  And to close out the medalists, Jaime Laird and Jackie Moss finished in 3rd place.

“The Canadian Squash Doubles Championships were a smashing success,” said Tournament Chair Annette White.  “There were over 280 players from all over North America and seven participating clubs across Toronto coordinated for the tournament. It was an honour to host this prestigious event at the Granite Club and an incredible weekend with high level competition, friendship and camaraderie. Thanks especially to our Title Sponsor, Slaight Music.”



  • Men’s Open - Robbin Clarke & Scott Arnold
  • Men’s 40+ - Jamie Nicholls & WIll Byrick
  • Men’s 45+ - Scott Dulmage & Richard Thomson
  • Men’s 50+ - Thomas Harrity & Todd Anderson
  • Men’s 55+ - Bart Sambrook & Bill Ullman
  • Men’s 60+ - Steve Hisey & Dennis Hisey
  • Men’s 65+ - John Boynton & Tim Griffin
  • Men’s 70+ - John Brazilian & Clark Amos
  • Men’s 75+ - Tom Poor & Richard Rice
  • Men’s B - Jonathan Madruga & Joel Goulding
  • Men’s C - Thang Lê & John Stoneburgh
  • Women’s Open - Stephanie Hewitt & Dana Betts
  • Women’s 50+ - Michele Ramsey & Dawn Gray
  • Women's 55+ - Diane Naughton & Carol Stewart
  • Women’s 60+ - Lolly Gillen & Maryann Crowe
  • Women’s B - Clemencia Castillo & Sandie Charmeteau
  • Women’s C - Brid Nic Niocalli & Farnaz Olyaei


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