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Squash Canada is a not-for-profit national sport association that relies on the generosity of funding partners, friends and fans to help foster its programs and national teams. With your support, Squash Canada can help increase participation, build awareness for the sport and provide programming to enrich our players’ experiences. Squash Canada is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association recognized by Canada Revenue Agency and thus is entitled to issue tax donation receipts for eligible donations.
*NEW* Squash Canada has launched a Go Fund Me fundraising campaign, "LOVE-ALL":  Helping Canada's Team, to help national team members through a financial hardship casued by the COVID-19 pandemic.  As squash courts have closed in Canada and around the world, so too have the opportunities for Canada's finest to sustain themselves in and out of squash.  Please click the graphics below to take you to the Go Fund Me page that contains all the details and an easy DONATE button.



Squash Canada is committed to growing all aspects for the game of squash.  Please read on for five other strategic funding causes for success:

  • “2020 Pan American Junior Squash Championships” — Squash Canada intends to field an 8 member team, 4 junior men and 4 junior women, in the 2020 Pan American Junior Championships due to be held in El Salvador.  The Canadian women are the defending team champions!  Due to budget limitations, Squash Canada is unable to cover all team expenses and must therefore assess a participation fee of $1,000+ per player.  Your donation will go directly to support players' participation, helping eliminate financial barriers for Canada's top young talent.  Help Canada's best be there!  The July event has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, awaiting re-scheduling once it becomes safe to travel and compete internationally.
  • “Road to Podium” — Your support will allow our national team athletes to sustain and accelerate development and performance on the highest international stage. The required funding does not readily exist within many players’ means/support structure or Squash Canada. Donating to Squash Canada’s Road to Podium campaign will help support detailed and monitored athlete yearly training plans, training camps, training immersion stints, competitions, coaching, preparation camps, sport science and medical/para-medical support.
  • “Strategic Fund” — The long-term growth of squash is imperative to our organization’s success. Your support will help support strategic sport development programming, such as certifying coaches and officials, providing clear athlete pathways and competitive opportunities, developing schools programs, increasing participation, and promoting and marketing the sport.
  • “General Fund” — The General Fund exists for benefactors who may wish to support squash in Canada’s without having a preference as to specific causes, thus enabling Squash Canada to determine the most effective use of funds.
  • “Memorial/Recognition Fund” — The Memorial Fund was created in response to family requests to be able to direct donations in lieu of flowers to a sport that was meaningful to the life of a lost one, or to pay recognition tribute to someone being honoured, such as for an anniversary or award.  The memorial or recognition is customized for each individual.  For one example of a memorial fund, click here.
There are three ways in which to make a donation to Squash Canada:
  1. Make a Donation Online: You can give a gift to Squash Canada online. Simply fill out the PayPal form and indicate which area you would like to support in the description box.

    Pan American Junior Championships
    Road to Podium
    Strategic Fund
    General Fund
    Memorial/Recognition Fund


  2. By Phone: Squash Canada accepts Visa and MasterCard phone donations through our national office. Please contact Squash Canada at 613-228-7724.
  3. By Cheque: Please make your cheque payable to Squash Canada, and mail to the address below.
Donations of $25.00 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.


We respect your privacy. All information collected will be kept strictly confidential. SQUASH CANADA does not share or release email addresses with other organizations.


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