Squash Canada has a number of committees that work with the national office staff and Board of Directors to develop the associations’ programs. Here is a list of all the Squash Canada committees and their committee members as of July 1, 2018.

Standing Committees

High Performance Committee (HPC)

  • Stephanie Edmison, Chair (Athlete Director, Squash Canada Board of Directors)
  • Martin Heath, (Squash Canada High Performance Director)
  • TBA

Squash Canada Officiating Committee [Singles] (SCOC)

  • Dave Howard, Chair (ON)
  • Joe Ellis (AB)
  • Barry Faguy (QC)
  • Les Homme (ON)
  • John Roche (BC)
  • Wayne Smith (WSF Rep)
  • Geoffrey Johnson (Squash Canada Programs Manager)

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Shaun Thorson, Chair (VP Finance, Squash Canada Board of Directors)
  • Steve Wren (President, Squash Canada Board of Directors)
  • Stephanie Edmison (Squash Canada Board of Directors)
  • Dan Wolfenden (Squash Canada Executive Director)
  • Tatiana Avdeeva (Bookkeeper, ex-officio), as required

Nominating Committee


  • Dennis Bishop, Chair (QC)
  • Spider Jones, Provincial/Territorial Board Member (NWT)
  • Natasha Doucas, Provincial/Territorial Board Member (BC)
  • Shaun Thorson, Squash Canada Board Representative (QC)
  • Dan Wolfenden, Squash Canada Executive Director (ex-officio)

Ad Hoc Committees

Appeals/Harassment/Privacy Officer

  • Diana Lee (SK)

Doubles Committee

  • Mike Letourneau, Chair (AB)
  • Pat Richardson (ON)
  • Graeme Duff (ON)
  • Kirsteen Burton (ON)
  • Natasha Doucas (BC)
  • Nathan Hall (MB)
  • Sue McKinnon-Bell (QC)
  • Rob Wheeler (ON)
  • Geoffrey Johnson (Squash Canada Programs Manager)

Doubles Officiating Committee

  • Brian Covernton, Chair (BC)
  • Bart Sambrook (QC)
  • Ruth Castellino (BC)
  • Robin Clarke (ON)
  • Nathan Hall (MB)
  • Tim Mallory (ON)
  • Jorge Rabical (AB)
  • Mark Warren (ON)
  • Laurie Krol (ON)
  • Geoffrey Johnson (Squash Canada Programs Manager)

Junior/Athlete Pathway Committee

  • Graeme Williams, Squash Canada Athlete Pathway Manager
  • Jonathan Hill, Junior Men's National Coach
  • TBA

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