Squash Canada has an awards program to recognize volunteers, contributors and players who have made a positive impact on the game of squash in Canada.

Squash Canada Awards

Wall of Fame

Formerly the “Distinguished Service Awards” (rebranded January 2010), this virtual “Hall of Fame” profiles award recipients and opportunities 

President’s Platinum Award

Honours elite individuals who have made a significant impact to squash globally. Nominations and selection are at the discretion of the Board.


Squash Canada Awards 


Certificate of Achievement Award

Honours individuals or companies who have received top recognition at the provincial/territorial level and continue to contribute to their association. Nominations come from provincial/territorial squash association members.

2017 Recipients  
Squash BC Lynne Grass
Squash Manitoba Scott Mundle
Squash New Brunswick Tom & Barb Hurlbut
Squash Quebec Maxym Leclair
Squash Alberta Bob Grose
NWT Squash Jeff Hipfner
Squash Newfoundland/Labrador Eric Hart


2016 Recipients  
Squash BC Tim Bale
Squash Manitoba Brenda Cleverley
Squash New Brunswick Nicole Belliveau
Squash Quebec Geniève Lessard
Squash Alberta Brenda Cooke
NWT Squash Jeff Hipfner
Squash Newfoundland/Labrador Denise Ferry


2015 Recipients  
Squash BC Robert Pacey
Squash Manitoba Rick Borland
Squash New Brunswick Marc Lalonde
Squash Quebec Barry Faguy
Squash Ontario Michael Bertin
Squash Alberta Ron Coggan
Saskatchewan Squash Vaughan Johnson


2014 Recipients  
Squash BC Kevin Kydd
Squash Manitoba Gene Turk
Squash New Brunswick Matt Goobie
Squash Newfoundland/Labrador Roxanne Morgan and Gerard Ryan
Squash Quebec Allan Sklar
Squash Ontario Dave Howard
Squash PEI John Power
Saskatchewan Squash Bob Wyma
NWT Squash Kelli Hinchey
Squash Yukon Lori Muir


2013 Recipients    
Squash Alberta Robert Grose
Squash BC Phil Green
Squash Manitoba Henry Thiessen
Squash New Brunswick George Boone
Squash Newfoundland/Labrador Eric Hart
Squash Nova Scotia  Janet MacLeod
Squash Quebec Dave Running
Squash Ontario Tom Craig
Squash PEI Cam Beck
Saskatchewan Squash Diana Lee


2012 Recipients  
Squash Alberta Alvin Thomas
Squash BC John Roche
Squash Manitoba Jim Lawson
Squash New Brunswick Allan Reid
Squash Nova Scotia Jeff Hallam
Squash Ontario Gordon Robertson
Squash PEI Lester Jinks
Squash Quebec Laurie Lanfer
Saskatchewan Squash Russ Warner


2011 Recipients  
Squash Alberta Intact Insurance
Squash BC Bill Vipond
Squash Manitoba Elaine Glass
Squash New Brunswick Jim Morris
Squash Nova Scotia Jeff Scribner
Squash Ontario Rob Brooks
Squash PEI Derek Lawther
Squash Quebec Yvon Provencal
Saskatchewan Squash Kevin Tell
Squash Yukon Jim Gilpin


2010 Recipients  
Squash Alberta Rod McDougall
Squash BC Allan Brown
Squash Manitoba Heather Prieditis
Squash New Brunswick William Stewart
Squash Nova Scotia David Westwood
Squash Ontario Dave Tullis
Squash PEI Gordon Lawlor
Squash Quebec Paul Gagnon
Saskatchewan Squash Chris Martin
Squash Yukon Chris Toleman

Appreciation Awards

Recognition of  athletes, coaches, and volunteers who have greatly contributed to our sport across the country. 

2017 Recipients
Jeff Boag - Canadian Junior Squash Championship, Tournament Chair 
Barb Cooper - Canadian Squash Championship, Tournament Chair
Matt Easingwood - Canadian Junior Open, Tournament Chair
Jeff Williams - Canadian Masters Team Championship, Tournament Chair
Andrew Mount - Canadian University & College Champions, Tournament Chair
Deb O'Neill - Canadain Doubles Squash Championship, Tournament Co-Chair
Pat Richardson - Canadian Doubles Squash Championship, Tournament Co-Chair
Patrick Ryding - Canadian Doubles Squash Championship, Tournamnet Chair 
Ryan Morris - Canadian Men's Team Championship, Tournament Chair
Maxym Leclair - Canadian Women's Team Championship, Tournament Chair
Rafik Bhaloo - Canadian Mixed Doubles Championships, Tournament Chair 
Christina Yap - Canadian Junior Squash Championships, Tournament Referee
Wayne Smith - Canadian Squash Championships, Tournament Referee
Murray Harper - Canadian Junior Open, Tournament Referee
Caroline de Vries - Canadian Masters Team Championship, Tournament Referee
David Fishburn - Canadian University and College Championships, Tournament Referee
Tim Mallory - Canadian Doubles Squash Championship, Tournament Referee
Zal Davar - Canadian Men’s Team Championship, Tournament Referee
Penny Glover - Canadian Women’s Team Championship, Tournament Referee
Tony Swift - Canadian Mixed Doubles Championships, Tournament Referee
John Kervin - Canadian Doubles Rankings Technical Advisor
Seanna Keating - High Performance Committee member
Dave Howard - Chair, Squash Canada Officiating Committee
Eric Hart - President, Squash Newfoundland & Labrador (2016-17)
Jonathan Hill -  Squash Professional & Junior Boys National Team Coach
Pat Toth - Vancouver Sports Central
Jeff Deverill - Canadian Rankings major contributor & Tournament Software expert
Elaine Glass - President, Squash Manitoba (2014-16)
2016 Recipients
John Redding - President, Squash Moncton
Craig Hall - Chair, Doubles Officiating Committee 2002-16
Wayne Smith - WSF Officiating Committee member 
Robin Clarke - Men's Athlete Rep, 2013-15 
Stephanie Edmison - Women's Athlete Rep, 2013-15
Jeff Deverill - Rankings contributor & Tournament Software expert
Anne Smith - Co-chair, Squash Organizing Committee Toronto 2015 Pan American Games
Barb Cooper - Co-chair, Squash Organizing Committee Toronto 2015 Pan American Games
Mike Bertin - Chair, Master's Committee, 2000-2015
Barry Farguy - President, Squash Quebec 1991-2015
Pat Richardson - Canadian Mixed Doubles Championships
Thomas Brinkman - Canadian Junior Squash Championships
Tom Charlton - Canadian Doubles Championships
Matt Easingwood - Canadian Junior Open & Canadian Masters Team Championships
Jack Hoogstraten - Canadian Doubles Championships                                                                   
Andrew Mount - Canadian Men's & Women's Team Championships                                      
Steve Wren - Interim Executive Director, Squash Canada                                                  
Barb Cooper - Canadian Squash Championships                                                            
Jessica DiMauro - Canadian Junior Doubles Championships                                            
Josh Ginou - Canadian University & College Championships                                                
Mike Letourneau - Canadian Doubles Championships                                                                  
Deb O'Neill - Canadain Mixed Doubles Championships 
2013 Recipients
Clive Caldwell - Founder, Urban Squash Toronto Program
David Clutton - Founder, Coastal Squash Program, Vancouver BC
Alex Carter & Norman Seagram - Canadian Doubles Championships organizers 
Jessica DiMauro - Canadian Junior Doubles Championship organizer, coach, and former national team player 
Stephanie Edmison - Former national team athlete
Shauna Flath - Head Squash Professional, Jericho Tennis Club
Dennis Goodfellow - Squash builder
Miranda Ranieri - Former national team athlete
Wayne Smith, Barry Faguy, Tim Birch Jones & Graham Waters - Officials
Riley Waterous - Founder, Racquets for Africa campaign
2012 Recipients

Robin Clarke - Team Canada Athlete
Al Cook - Volunteer
Jim Kenward - Volunteer
Kathy Lundmark - Coach
David Phillips - Team Canada Athlete
2011 Recipients

Alana Miller - Team Canada Athlete
Carolyn Russell - Team Canada Athlete
Peter Ward - Volunteer and Board Member
2010 Recipients

Wes Barlow - Volunteer
Jamie Bentley - Volunteer
Grant Currie - Volunteer
Zal Davar - Volunteer
Ann Grey - Volunteer
Melanie Jans - Team Canada Athlete and Volunteer
Derek Lawther - Volunteer

Honourary Directors

This recognition is mandated within the Squash Canada by-laws, article 1.1.4, and includes “… those individuals or groups who have … rendered valuable service to the Association.” Nominations are approved by the Board of Directors, and are directed for approval at a General Meeting of the Association (requiring a two-thirds (2/3) majority).

2010 Joe Hattori, Kelowna, BC
2004 Jim McAuliffe, Thunder Bay, ON
1998 Anne Smith, London, ON

Award of Excellence

Awarded to any National Junior Team or Senior Team or individual player or coach who wins a gold, silver or bronze medal at any of the following events: Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Games, or World Championships.

2016 Recipients

Yvon Provencal - 2015 Pan American Games Head Coach
Graeme Williams - 2015 Pan American Games Assistant Coach
Melanie Jans - 2015 Pan American Games Coach
Tim Marshall - 2015 Pan American Games Physical Therapist
Shawn Delierre - 2015 Pan American Games Gold, Men's Team; Bronze, Singles
Hollie Naughton - 2015 Pan American Games Silver, Women's Team
Andrew Schnell - 2015 Pan American Games Gold, Men's Team; Silver, Doubles
Nikole Todd - 2015 Pan American Games Silver, Women's Team, Silver, Doubles
Graeme Schnell - 2015 Pan American Games Gold, Men's Team, Silver, Doubles
Samantha Cornett - 2015 Pan American Games Silver, Women's Team; Silver, Doubles, Bronze, Singles