2017 WSF World Junior Championships

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Team Canada Seeded 7th Heading Into Team Event

With the Men's and Women's Individual events complete, the Junior women now set their sights on the team event. In advance of the first match, Canada received a 7th seed and will compete in Group B against 2nd seed Malaysia and 10th seed Germany. 

All four of members of the Canadian squad [Meet the players] competed in the Individual event, allowing them the opportunity to find their shots and feel out the courts (and adjust to the 16+ time difference).

Egypt's squad is looking to defend the title, while our Canadian juniors look for a Canadian best finish (Canada's top Junior Women's Team finish to date is 5th place).

2017 WSF World Junior Women's Team Championships: Groups & Seedings

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Egypt [1] Malaysia [2] England [3] Hong Kong [4]
New Zealand [8] Canada [7] India [6] USA [5]
Australia [9] Germany [10] France [11] Korea [12]
    South Africa [13] Ireland [14]
Catch the team in action! Team Canada's second round-robin match up will be played on the QEYC Glass Court and is set to be live streamed.
First up for Team Canada will be #2 seed Malaysia on Wednesday morning.  Canada then plays Germany later that day.  

Canada’s Round-Robin match schedule:
Wednesday July 26 @ 11am local (July 25 @ 7pm EST): Malaysia [2] v. CANADA [7]
Wednesday July 26 @ 6pm local (July 26 @ 2am EST): CANADA [7] v. Germany [10] – will be live streamed at https://www.wsfworldjuniors.com/watch-live/
(Note: Local time is EST + 16hrs)


The complete draw for the 2017 WSF Junior Women’s Team Championship can be found at: https://www.wsfworldjuniors.com/teams-draws-2017/


Canada vs Malaysia 0-3
Nicole Kendall  3-11, 6-11, 3-11 Zoe Foo Yuk Han
Charlotte Orcutt 5-11, 1-11, 6-11 Aifa Azman
Emma Jinks 3-11, 6-11, 1-11 Sivasangari Subramaniam
This encounter was a chance for Canada to practice some defense, as we were up against the second seeds, Malaysia. In all three matches, the team goal was to practice patience and work hard in every single point, regardless of the score.  All of the Canadians tried to keep their opponents behind them but the Malaysian girls were relentless and unforgiving with turning anything loose or short into perfect dying length. It was a good lesson in consistency and accuracy and an illustration of why they are seeded second.
Canada vs Germany 1-2
Andrea Toth 12-10, 6-11, 9-11, 10-12 Kacenka Tycova
Nicole Kendall 11-2, 11-8, 11-2 Alice Kramer
Emma JInks 1-11, 6-11, 4-11 Saskia Beinhard
The evening match, versus Germany, was on the Glass Court.  It was a must win for both teams in order to advance to the quarter finals. Having rested in the morning, Andrea was pumped and ready to push hard in the first match.  And push she did.  She was patient finding her targets at the back and yet attacked when the opportunity was there. She won the first game 12-10.  Andrea battle very hard for every single point in all her games as both players fought for control of the T.  It could have gone either way but it was not to be as the German won the next three close games. Nicole followed this match building on the same intensity and really stepped up her game. The German was no match for Nicole who attacked in the front at every opportunity and seemed to find the nic on more than one occasion.  It was now a tie 1-1 going into the final match.  Both Emma and her opponent were very energized by this and the rallies were intense.  Emma fought very hard to find her targets and move her opponent behind her but the German was very strong and took full advantage and attacked on almost every short or loose ball. In the end, Germany won this match and the encounter. Canada fought hard, but are disappointed and denied the opportunity to reach the round of 1-8. 
There are no matches Thursday for the Canadians who will regroup and look to finish well in the round of 9-14 which start on Friday here at the Devoy Centre in Tauranga.
Team Canada's remaining matches will be live streamed at https://www.wsfworldjuniors.com/watch-live/.  Catch the action and cheer the team on.

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Check out the photos of Team Canada from the event (photo credit: Janet MacLeod & WSF World Junior Website - WJ GATE Photography)

2017 WSF World Junior Championships